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Handmade In Sweden

"It doesn't matter if you're a rockstar, cupcake junky or just a wannabe... Candied Poison® has something special for everyone!"

Candied Poison jewelry brand was born in 2008 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Alice Dzafo who was in the middle of her 2 year long silversmith training started the Candied Poison brand because she found the need for playful and colorful jewelry that weren't mass produced or imported.
All Candied Poison jewelry is therefore hand-crafted by Alice and the materials can vary from new, recycled and vintage.
Many pendants are handmade and most metal- and plastic pendants are hand sawn. The cupcakes and pastry charms are made out of clay and Alice often uses swarovski crystals for her jewelry.
Most of the Candied Poison jewelry is made in one or a few copies which offers the customer a totally unique piece.

The idea with Candied Poison is to create playful in-you-face jewelry with the possibility to combine and choose jewelry for your unique style.
Candied Poison jewelry is influenced by different subcultures such as street, rock, rockabilly, punk and kawaii all mixed with a high-fashion touch. Each piece is handmade specifically for the unique fashionistas out there!

You can never have enough jewelry! With Candied Poison jewelry you can easily change your old outfit and not have to worry about sizes. Jewelry always fits!

Candied Poison is a registered trademark